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Past 12 months warmest ever recorded in United States; "That is an intriguing and fairly dangerous kind of event that obviously has affects on humans," Niyogi said, referring to drought...



Water usage concerns during dry weather WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - With the drought we've been having, lasting now for one month, Climatologist Dr. Dev Niyogi at Purdue says this is the perfect ...



Climatologist says Indiana could face tough winter; Comments by Ken Scheeringa when interviewed by to the Indianapolis Star. This story was distributed by Associated Press

9/28/2011 Associated Press


Cool weather in Indiana a sign of frost, freeze soon?; This story is based on 1981-2010 autumn first freeze probability maps newly researched and created by Indiana State Climate office staff. Released online as an Ag Answers article by Purdue Ag Communications

9/22/2011 Purdue University News Service


Drought Stress Blankets Indiana, likely continues into harvest; Distributed by Purdue University News Service and carried widely by multiple news media.

9/8/2011 Purdue University News Service


Purdue press release and media follow up on Indianapolis urban areas impact on thunderstorm

5/26/2011 UPI.COM


Dev was quoted, and the lab research highlighted in the Journal and Courier



5-min audio tape for Midwest Ag Matters show on May 21 Why the record rainfall this spring and the weather outlook into early summer

5/18/2011 WOWO Radio, Fort Wayne


Interview on La Nina’s impact on this springs weather and planting outlook for next few weeks



Interview on La Nina impact on Indiana weather this spring and forecast for summer



What were the daily record high temperatures in Columbus over the last few days



Is climate change responsible for deadly U.S. tornadoes?

4/28/2011 TORONTO STAR


Long Term Outlook calls for Cool Summer



Nearing a Record



Planting outlook for next few weeks



Wet April delays area corn planting



Indiana Farmers: Expect Stormy, Cooler Planting Season



Doppler Radars Help Increase Monsoon Rainfall Prediction Accuracy



Soybean crops in trouble?



More Irrigation, Less Rainfall



Study Gives Clearer Picture of How Land-use Changes Affect U.S. Climate

11/3/2009 GIS and Science


Tropical storms endure over wet land, fizzle over dry



Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best-Dev Niyogi

6/15/2008 Tim Evans, INDIANAPOLIS STAR


Purdue study: More rain, floods expected-Dev Niyogi

6/13/2008 Brian Wallheimer, INDIANAPOLIS STAR


Lafayette's parks revise 5-year plan-Dev Niyogi



Rain And Flooding Likely To Continue-Dev Niyogi

6/11/2008 Gary Truitt, HOOSIER AG TODAY


Donations, money pour in for flood victims

6/11/2008 Mary Beth Schneider, INDIANAPOLIS STAR


Heavy rain impacts summer farming, fun-Dev Niyogi

6/9/2008 WLFI.COM


This spring seems wetter than it is-Kenneth L. Scheeringa

6/4/2008 Curt Slyder, JOURNAL AND COURIER


Spring planting 2 weeks behind late-May average-Kenneth L. Scheeringa



Get trained to spot storms

5/7/2008 Jenna Buelher, CARROLL COUNTY COMET


Remembering the blizzard of '78



Floodwaters creep back into homes



Study: Warmer weather ahead



Quick take: Cooling off at last



Later-planted corn yields could nose dive



Drought patterns explain much about Indiana's crop yields

10/1/2007 Tom J. Bechman , INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER


After drought, effects on hay, corn and beans linger-Kenneth L. Scheeringa



High temperatures, low precipitation creating many problems

9/4/2007 Susan A. Steeves, LAFAYETTE ONLINE NEWS


August storms set rainfall record



Parking should be easy for Americans…-Dev Niyogi



Downpours not enough to make up for season's shortfall

8/21/2007 Mishele Wright, MARION CHRONICLE TRIBUNE


Much-needed rain to ease by fair time-Dev Niyogi

7/19/2007 Savannah Worley, THE HERALD-TIMES, BLOOMINGTON


Drought now, small crop yields come fall



Rain crucial for East Central Indiana corn



More splashes in cities' pools



Purdue: Next Few Weeks Critical For State's Corn Crop-Kenneth L. Scheeringa



Rain may ease drought in some localities'-Kenneth L. Scheeringa



Recent Rain Puts Small Dent In Indiana Drought-Kenneth L. Scheeringa



Dry conditions threaten county weather systems



Climate provokes senior to save lives

6/20/2007 Connie Lee, THE EXPONENT


Cold weather not going anywhere



Rotary learns why every drop counts

3/14/2007 Brandon Hatfield, THE RENSSELAER REPUBLICAN


Get Growing Use average frost-free dates as planting guide



Hole lot of trouble

2/27/2007 Louisa Murzyn, NWITIMES.COM


Rainfall will extend flood risk from melting snow

2/25/2007 Elizabeth Gardner, LAFAYETTE ONLINE NEWS


State climatologist says "Oops!"'

2/20/2007 AP, HERALD TIMES


State climatologist misses mark

2/10/2007 Rob Schneider, JOURNAL AND COURIER


Midwest Feeling Effects Of El Ni–a

1/9/2007 Teresa Smith, WARSAW TIMES UNION


Nationwide rainfall network expanding here



Many Weather Factors Needed for Accurate Climate Change Predictions

11/6/2006 NEWSWISE


First frost could be near Be prepared, forecasters warn gardeners

10/11/2006 Jean Starr, NWITIMES.COM


Many weather factors needed for accurate climate change predictions -Dev Niyogi



Poison ivy tops list of garden dangers-Kenneth L. Scheeringa

7/16/2006 Larry Caplan, EVANSVILLE COURIER PRESS


State Climate Office Partners With National Organization

6/27/2006 Inside Indiana Business, INSIDEINDIANABUSINESS.COM


Farmers get early start

4/18/2006 Jason Miller, THE NEWS-DISPATCH


Caption only: No school? Snowy fun!



Spring Storm Hinders Travel in Midwest



Researchers: Plant Biology Factor in Weather Forecasting-Dev Niyogi

3/13/2006 Sara Goudarzi, FOX NEWS


Scientists create improved storm forecast model-Dev Niyogi

3/12/2006 Rick Callahan , USA TODAY

Warmer winter forecast for Hoosier State



Freeze-Dried Mats Of Microbes Awaken In Antarctic Streambed: Study-Dev Niyogi

8/23/2005 SPACE DAILY


Heat hits farmers-Kenneth L. Scheeringa

6/28/2005 Doug LeDuc, NEWS-SENTINEL


Flooded roads present potential danger to citizens-Kenneth L. Scheeringa

1/14/2005 Kaitlin Vanderpool, PURDUE EXPONENT



Source: American Meterological Society

Office News

January 2013

Indiana State Climatologist and Purdue agricultural economists help Hoosiers understand important issues.

August 2011

Aug 26 – Staff of the Indiana State Climate Office collated weather observations during the Indiana State Fair tragedy into a web page Indiana August 13 2011 Severe Weather Event on the IClimate web site:

Aug 18 – Seminar by Dev Niyogi on Climate Change at Indianapolis.

Aug 12 – Staff of the Indiana State Climate Office hosted two displays at the Indiana State Fair on Purdue Day. The display topics were climate education and the CoCoRaHS volunteer rain gage program in Indiana.

Aug 8 - The summer edition of Counting Drops, the newsletter about the CoCoRaHS program in Indiana was written by NWS and Indiana State Climate office staff and posted on the IClimate web site:

Aug 8 – The Lafayette Journal & Courier interviewed Ken as to whether Indiana temperatures and precipitation are trending back to normal in August after the hot and dry July. The story also appeared in the Chicago Tribune: “Some Indiana farmers cheer as rains dampen dry fields”

Aug 3 – Ken discussed historical heat waves and some reasons why the drought of 1936 was so severe in an interview by the Indianapolis Star. “Hard times in raging heat”

Aug 2- Ken was interviewed by the Lafayette Journal & Courier for comments regarding why Indiana has experienced such a long spell of hot and dry weather this summer.

July 2011

Ken was interviewed by Lafayette Journal and Courier regards the outlook for more heat waves in July and August. Published July 23rd in the article “Heat wave has lasting impact on corn market”.

Ken was interviewed by Lafayette Journal and Courier regards the maximum local temperature on July 22nd. Published on July 23rd in the article “Heat keeps Lafayette shelter busy”.

Ken was interviewed by Lafayette Journal and Courier regards a maximum temperature record for Lafayette on July 22nd. Information included in the article “100 degrees -- it doesn't happen often, thank goodness”

Ken was interviewed by Indiana Prairie Farmer on July 22nd regards how long these heat waves would continue, what chances for rain are, and crop progress based on accumulated heat units.

Ken was quoted by Reuters on July 21st in the article published that day titled “Midwest turns dry as drought worsens in Plains”.

Ken was interviewed on July 21st by Columbus Republic as to where this month ranks so far among the driest July’s on record.

Ken was a speaker at the Purdue Diagnostic Training Center workshop on June 14th and 22nd during Beck Hybrid Days. The talk to sales associates from Indiana and Illinois was titled “What’s Wrong With our Weather?” based on this question posed earlier by a news reporter.

Ken was quoted in Lafayette Journal and Courier in the July 12th article “Heat + humidity = Oppressive dose of summer”.

June 2011

Faculty, staff, and students of Indiana State Climate Office attended the NWS Climate Services and Drought workshop sessions held in Indianapolis on June 23rd and 24th.

Publication: Yang, Z.-L., G.-Y. Niu, K. E. Mitchell, F. Chen, M. B. Ek, M. Barlage, K. Manning, D. Niyogi, M. Tewari, and Y. Xia, 2011: The Community Noah Land Surface Model with Multi-Parameterization Options (Noah-MP): 2. Evaluation over Global River Basins, Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, No. D12, D12110, doi:10.1029/2010JD015140,

Publication: Niu, G.-Y., Z.-L. Yang, K. E. Mitchell, F. Chen, M. B. Ek, M. Barlage, L. Longuevergne, A. Kumar, K. Manning, D. Niyogi, E. Rosero, M. Tewari, and Y. Xia, 2011: The Community Noah Land Surface Model with Multi-Parameterization Options (Noah-MP): 1. Model Description and Evaluation with Local-scale Measurements, Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, D12, D12109,doi:10.1029/2010JD015139.

Ken was interviewed by Columbus Republic on sudden summer heat onset. Published June 11th: “State’s temperatures hottest for time of year since 1934”.

Ken was interviewed by Columbus Republic on a possible Columbus maximum temperature record on June 1st, published that day in the article “Hot? Yes! Record? No!”

May 2011

Dev visited the National Weather Service Central Region in Kansas City, MO, May 25- 26. The meeting led to the kick off of a multistate collaborative project planning on improved products such as soil moisture.

Dev visited CAPTEC - Center for Applied Tropical Ecology and Conservation at the University of Purto Rico- San Juan from May 15 - 21.

Dev Niyogi met with the Polis Center of Indianapolis for regional vulnerability assessment studies related to hydrological extremes.

Dev Niyogi visited different Indiana counties for flood assessments.

April 2011

Dev Niyogi and Ken Scheeringa were interviewed by various media outlets for stories related to the severe weather, Indiana flooding, and the emergency response.

Dev Niyogi was an invited participated and gave two talks for the Federal Highway Authority/ DOT climate change adaptation and mitigation in transportation peer exchange workshop. The meeting was coordinated by the DOT/FHWA in Indianapolis Government Center.

Wu Z., X. Wang, F. Chen, A. A. Turnipseed, A. B. Guenther, D. Niyogi, U. Charusombat*, B. Xia, J. W. Munger, K. Alapaty, 2011Evaluating the calculated dry deposition velocities of reactive nitrogen oxides and ozone from two community models over a temperate deciduous forest, 45, 2663-2674. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.02.063

Dev Niyogi visited Science Center at St. Louis and reviewed the climate change exhibit April 22-23, 2011.

Lei Ming defended his Ph D dissertation on effect of urbanization on regional rainfall climatology. (04/12/2011)

Ming Lei PhD defense on April 12, 2:00 PM at Civil Conference room, 2nd floor. Open to everyone.

Dev Niyogi attended the National Association for Research in Science Teaching annual meeting in Orlando, FL. He was one of the invited speakers at the symposium on climate change education.

March 2011

Dev Niyogi invited talk at NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Science Team Meeting, University of Maryland.

On camera interview regarding Seasonal Climate Outlook by Ken Scheeringa and Dev Niyogi.

Paul Schmid submitted a PRF proposal on Aerosols and Urban Landuse Effects on Storms.

"Factor Separation in the Atmosphere-Applications and Future Porspects" book is published and we have two chapters which are available here.

Dev Niyogi will be the featured lunch-on speaker at the 126th Annual Academy Meeting of the THE INDIANA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE March 4-5, 2011 at IUPUI, Indianapolis.

January 2011

Dev Niyogi gave an invited talk on the Drought of 2010 at the Indiana Horticultural Congress, January 18 - 20, 2011 The Wyndham Indianapolis.

August 2010

Dev Niyogi gave an invited presentation to the 2nd Annual Upper Midwest Food, Fuel and Fiber Workshop Tour, Aug 31 – Sep 2, 2010, Beck Center, West Lafayette, IN

Congratulations to Lei Ming for receiving the Best Student Paper award at the American Meteorological Society Urban Symposium at Keystone, CO. Paper title: Ming Lei, D. Niyogi, C. Kishtawal, J. M. Shepherd, and J. Entin, 2010, Does the Summer Heavy Rainfall Climatology over east United States show Urbanization Impacts?, 9th Symp. On Urban Environment, American Meteorological Society, 1 – 6 August, 2010, Keystone, CO.

July 2010

Vanessa's poster presentation on Friday, July 30 2010.

Congratulations to Joseph Alfieri, who is doing his PhD with our group, for winning 2 awards!

News Excerpts

February 9, 2007

Voice of America News Interview: Global Warming Report

Blizzard surprised state climatologist

A week after a blizzard buried parts of Indiana, the state's official climatologist concedes that his forecast for a mild February was a bit off the mark.

Dev Niyogi, an assistant professor of agronomy and earth and atmospheric sciences at Purdue University, ranks his winter forecast in the could-do-better category.

He had forecast that the winter season - Dec. 1 through Feb. 28 - would include warmer-than-normal temperatures during February.

But as Hoosiers shivered from recent below-zero weather, Niyogi couldn't ignore the obvious.

"We all know it has not been warm, which is what we anticipated it ought to be," he said. "Clearly, we will have to look at what other factors we should be looking at so we have a better outcome the next time around."

Niyogi said pinpointing a storm like the one that dropped more than a foot of snow on parts of north-central Indiana is difficult on a short-term basis and impossible months in advance.

Before last week's storm, he said, three similar systems threatened to lash the state, including an ice storm that stopped at the Illinois-Indiana state line.

Actually, much of Niyogi's forecast proved accurate. As he predicted, December started out cold, and was followed by extreme swings from warmer to frigid days.

But Ken Scheeringa, an associate state climatologist, joked that during the recent blizzard, he had friends call and ask him whether he had turned "the dials" the wrong way.

Niyogi, who became state climatologist in 2005, oversees the office that's the official archive of daily weather observations across Indiana and also studies the state's climate.

The 34-year-old grew up in Bombay, India, and initially wanted to become an engineer. But his fascination with smoke plumes flowing from Bombay's tall chimneys eventually led him to atmospheric studies.

Niyogi received a degree in civil engineering in India and came to the U.S. in 1994 to study atmospheric sciences.

Because of his title, Niyogi fields calls from reporters, something he said he relishes because it gives him a chance to keep weather-related issues before the public.

Telling people that he's the state climatologist is a good line to use at a party, but not during a blizzard, Niyogi said.

When the weather's nice, that's another story.

"I take all the credit for it," he said.

Many weather factors needed for accurate climate change predictions

November 6,2006

    Current climate change impact models that consider only one weather variable, such as increasing temperature, sometimes spawn unsubstantiated doomsday predictions, according to researchers at Purdue and North Carolina universities.

Climate change studies that assess the full range of interactions among temperature, radiation, precipitation and land use can better aid humans to prepare for extreme shifts in weather patterns, the scientists report in a special issue of the journal Global and Planetary Change.


Cold Decembers often are followed by warm Januarys

State Fair 8 /17 /2005

This year on Purdue Day at the Indiana State Fair, Associate Iclimate Director Ken Scheeringa and five Iclimate team members drove down to manage the Iclimate booth. Team members answered visitor's questions and met other grad students in the School of Science . Located in the Science Program section, IClimate booth visitors were fascinated by the many double-bottles filled with water, that with a twist of the hand, would produce a swirling “funnel cloud;” here IClimate team member Brian Wolfe explains how this phenomenon occurs.

click to enlarge
Brian whole group
poster 1 poster 2

Other News

Winter expected to blow in with early cold before warming up

Indiana State Climate Office 'Steps it up', gets recognized

Indiana State Climate Office 'Steps it up', gets recognized

La Niña could make spring a bumpy ride

Weather story video on WISH-TV

State Climate Office Partners With National Organization

State Climate Office wants to be weather resource

Weather affecting tomato growth

Paoli graduate returns; teaching his love, weather; Brian Wolfe's passion remains same after years

Indiana has newest anti-flood weapon: volunteer weather network

Warmer winter in store for Indiana, precipitation uncertain

Weather forecasts focus of conference

Heavier-than-usual rainfall dampens state

July has been a wet month in Indiana

Heat affecting mostly active young people

Bottom line on weather: It's warmer

Scientist Helps Make Improved Storm Model

Indiana summer heat, rainfall cause many crops to suffer