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Souleymane Fall

Fulbright fellow
Bilsland fellow
2009 Outstanding Graduate Student, EAS, Purdue.

Research interests

Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing Regional climate variability, land use/cover changes


  • MA Geography, University of Dakar , Senegal
  • Pre-doctoral Diploma of Geography, Dakar , Senegal
  • MS Atmospheric Sciences, NC State University
  • Graduate Certificate in GIS, NC State University
  • PhD Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University

Publications (Selected)

  1. Fall S, D Niyogi, R A Pielke Sr, A Gluhovsky, E Kalnay and G Rochon (2008): Impacts of land use land cover on temperature trends over the United States: assessment using the North American Regional Reanalysis. International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.1996.
  2. Fall S, N Diffenbaugh, D Niyogi, R A Pielke Sr, and G Rochon (2009): Temperature and equivalent temperature over the United States (1979 - 2005), International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.2094.
  3. Fall S, D Niyogi, U C Mohanty, and A Kumar (2007): Application of Weather Prediction Models for Hazard Mitigation Planning - A case study of Heavy off-season rains in Senegal, Natural Hazards, 41(1), 227-243.
  4. Fall S, Niyogi D, Semazzi F (2006): Analysis of Mean Climate Conditions in Senegal (1971-98), Earth Interactions, 10(5), 1-40.
  5. Fall S, F Semazzi and D Niyogi (2006): Spatiotemporal climate variability over Senegal and its relationships with global climate. International Journal of Climatology, 26(14), 2057-2076.